Friday, December 30, 2016

Announcing MTG DeckView on the Apple AppStore

I have been working on a little iOS application for viewing/modifying Magic the Gathering deck lists for quite a while.  It has been 90% finished for some time, but that last 10% is always the most difficult 10% to push through.  The holiday break gave me the opportunity to really focus in on it and finish it to the point where I feel like it is ready to release to the world.

iOS Support for MTGO .dek files

The main reason I started on this application was that I was annoyed that there didn't appear to be a good way to view the native file format of the the "Magic the Gathering Online" client on iOS (the .dek file).  So what I have provided in "MTG DeckView" is a DeckList Viewer that can open and re-export to the MTGO .dek format on iOS:

I have also provided support for importing and exporting from the simple text decklist format supported by MTGO.

Storing deck lists for offline use

The application stores your decks in a clean and simple tableview interface:

The deck view itself is also fairly simple and uncluttered:

Deck Building

There is some support for deck building as well, you can add new cards from the above deck view (just tap the button in the top right corner to add a new card).  You can also change the number of cards in your deck from the card detail view:

The support for deck building is a bit primitive in my opinion though.  You can only search by card names, and you have to search from the beginning of the card name.  This is something that could be improved upon in the future, but I feel like the initial design of the application is ready for release (i.e. a deck viewer).  If there is enough interest I could definitely seem myself adding much more support for deck building functionality.


I take pride in making sure my apps function properly.  I feel I have crafted a very functional piece of software, but that doesn't mean that there cannot be issues.  If you have discovered a bug, please contact me with details on how to reproduce the issue, and I will make sure to correct it.  Also feel free to contact me with feature requests and things you wish it did that it does not.   I will consider all feature requests as well, but cannot guarantee to include everything someone wishes in a future release.

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